Meet Our Team

Justin Dysart, CEO & Founder

Justin began his electronics career in early 2001 installing radios and upfitting police cars for various federal and local governments as well as private agencies. His extreme interest in electronics eventually found him focusing on the radio frequency side of the business.

Justin began installing and servicing radio equipment for a local Motorola dealer out of the Washington DC area. Through the years Justin continued his passion with moving from the installation/service technician position to managing a team of 11 employees who performed mobile radios installations, vehicle upfitting, RF equipment installation, and repair. 

After several years of management, Justin decided to take his skills and venture out on his own. BlueTech was started in February of 2018 and continues to fulfill his passion for the business.

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Gabe joined the BlueTech team in 2019 and has become an integral part of BlueTech’s operations. Gabe has a passion for the business that everyone can see. Gabe enjoys spending time with his friends, family and dog during his personal time. 

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Brian joined the BlueTech team in early 2022 with decades of experience working with heavy machinery. His knowledge and experience have been a great asset to the BlueTech team. When Brian isn’t working, he is spending time with his family and friends. Brian also enjoys hunting and fishing. 

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Trevor joined the BlueTech team in 2022. Trevor came to BlueTech with experience in vehicular graphic application. When Trevor is not working he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Justin Dysart with a few PRMC officers greeting him to take his generous lunch donation.

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Gives Back

So many local businesses are providing sustenance for our heroes at hospitals, but there is one department that hasn’t been talked about explicitly. BlueTech, LLC is the right hand to many of the local police, firefighters, and other first responders in providing them with aftermarket emergency equipment. They want to give back by delivering 29 Peninsula Regional Medical Center officers with lunch from a local BBQ restaurant. 

“We have a lot of first responder customers that we value, but I felt with the COVID-19 situation, PRMC officers are forced to deal with difficulties first hand”, said Justin Dysart, Owner of BlueTech LLC. PRMC officers are armed officers who protect the exterior grounds as well as the internal facility. “Policing the mass number of potential COVID-19 patients both interior and exterior as well as all the other emergencies I felt providing them lunch would have the most impact in the short time period”, Dysart continues. 

With over ten years of professionally working with PRMC’s engineering and safety department, it was a no-brainer to choose them. Dysart reached out to James Kennedy, Chief of Police, to organize his delicious donated surprise. Chief Kennedy and Dysart have worked together before under previous companies in giving food to PRMC officers to show appreciation. Chief Kennedy informed Dysart of how many officers he would have on for the entire day, so no one went hungry during their very engaging shifts.

Dysart said it was wonderful to know that is one less thing the officers needed to think about during their hectic day, especially during this trying time. BlueTech, LLC, will be giving back again but might choose a different department. They have worked with multiple federal, state, county, and town agencies in providing advanced electronics and custom lighting to provide a high level of security for all, so they want to spread their gratefulness.